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Our solutions draw on what we know works and are designed around your organisation's needs and environment.

Our solutions include:
• Competency development
• Workshop design (for internal or external delivery)
• Self-directed learning materials
• Leadership support tools
• Coaching internal staff to design and build

Examples of work undertaken:

Cadence has developed leadership competencies and learning frameworks for a number of organisations including a private company in the health sector, a small government ministry and a regional council. Cadence has also developed technical competency and learning framework for engineers, logistics and health care workers.

A crown entity implementing new processes contracted Cadence to help build solutions. These included:
- Training tools and resources for managers
- Train-the-trainer and change management workshops
- Workshop materials to be delivered by internal specialists
- Coaching support for staff designing materials
- Editing documents
- Case studies and simulations

A government department implementing new processes contracted Cadence to design and build the following solutions:
- Launch conference and tools
- Discussion guides for managers
- Change update workshops for managers (delivered face-to-face and remotely)
- Peer coaching model and training materials
- Case studies for new/inexperienced staff

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