"Diversity is the mix
Inclusion is making the mix work"

Andres Tapia

Inclusive workplaces value and use the talents of all staff. Lack of awareness and confidence can create barriers.

Cadence can work with you to identify and remove barriers from:

  • Recruitment
  • Performance management
  • Training and development

How we can help everyone to participate

We work with organisations to remove barriers, build awareness and promote inclusion.

Inclusive Leadership

We help leaders understand the barriers and develop skills and processes to promote inclusion.

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Inclusive Teams

We support cross-cultural and other diverse teams to work more effectively together.

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Cultural Confidence

We help people understand how culture can impact expectations and communication in the workplace

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Disability Confidence

We help teams accommodate different abilities so everyone contributes to their full potential

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reasons to contact us

We have a particular interest in the following areas.

Identifying Barriers

Change Leadership

Cultural Confidence

Disability Confidence

Accessible Training



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